Open Wound

I’m sorry you are breaking up.

Open Wound is a solo show about breakups, relationships, decisions and broken hearts, exploring how the heightened gendered, radicalised and classed social expectations in the new global context permeate in the most intimate relationships/international politics from an East Asian/non-EU perspective with all the ongoing conversations about Brexit, not only for the two persons in the relationship, but also for nations in the world.

Inspired by the Prime Minister’s visit to China early this year, the production strikes a balance between particularity and universality, arts and politics in this post-Brexit, post-truth era. Generating semi-autobiographical materials from life experience, this introspective work aims to promote deeper understanding between immigrants and local residents and to hopefully provoke some thoughts from the audience, encouraging public awareness and eliminating stereotypical prejudice with performative materials and techniques.

The show was commissioned by In Good Company as the Package Holiday Production in Derby Theatre’s flagship contemporary performance festival Departure Lounge with a week’s residency at the HopBarn in July 2018.

“Loved Open Wound by Cheeky Chin as part of Departure Lounge Festival 2018. Fantastic piece of theatre!”
“Touching and engaging piece that immediately hooks you in and connects you to a plethora of emotions about the complexities of identities & love. Beautifully done!”
“Wonderfully intimate and thought provoking performances!”
“The piece has a sense of perfect poise in the subtlety of its delivery as well as a true state of poignancy within the connections made to the personal and political. A very well thought out piece of work.”

“Think my personal highlight was seeing Cheeky Chin’s Open Wound had developed and seeing that moment where such a layered story, so carefully told, met an audience.”
Ben Anderson, creative producer of In Good Company

Devised/written/performed by Yuyu Wang
Sound design/acting coaching/dramaturgy by Chih-Keng Chuang
Sound design/live music for IYAF 2019 by Tingying Dong
An early version of Open Wound presented at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama was supported by Hao-Yeh Wang

7pm 9th July 2019 @Arthur Cotterell Theatre, International Youth Arts Festival 2019
7.30pm 20th July 2018 @Derby Theatre, Departure Lounge Festival 2018


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