All the Daughters of My Father’s House

“I am all the daughters of my father’s house,
And all the brothers too: and yet I know not.”
Twelfth Night II.4

“I hate those curtains – you never asked me if I wanted them or not.”

All the Daughters of My Father’s House is an autobiographical solo piece that tells a tale of expectation, identification, love and self-healing through performance devised with elements of a psychophysical approach. Using beautiful imagery and exploratory interaction with objects, the piece moves the protagonist from a state of inner conflict and addiction through love, separation and divided loyalties to a resolution and acceptance of both self and others. 

Devised/performed by Zhiyue Hu
Co-devised by Jeremy Balfour
Presented by Cheeky Chin

7.30pm 16 January 2018 @The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter
8pm 30 May 2018 @The House Studio, Plymouth Fringe


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